Welcome. This website presents information about the Montpelier Chapter and sources that may help you in your genealogy work. Presented here is a short history of the chapter, the chapter's activities, and links that will add to your knowledge of the history of this nation prior to, during, and immediately following the American Revolution.

The Work of Montpelier Chapter

Montpelier Chapter is dedicated to supporting the work of National Society Daughters of the American Revolution and our state organization, Virginia Daughters of the American Revolution (VADAR), and focuses on patriotism, education, and history.  Our members do their work through committees: national committees; special national committees; committees with state recognition; and committees with chapter recognition.  The following is a list of the current committees:

National Committees: American Heritage, American History, American Indians, Americanism, Chapter Achievement Awards, Children of the American Revolution, Community Service Awards, Conservation, Constitution Week, DAR Good Citizens, DAR Magazine, DAR Museum Outreach, DAR Scholarship (state and national), DAR School, DAR Service for Veterans, Genealogical Records, Historic Preservation, Junior American Citizens, Junior Membership, Lineage Research, Membership, National Defense, Public Relations and Media, The Flag of the United States of America, Volunteer Information Specialists.

Special National Committees:  Celebrate America, Commemorative Events, Congressional Committees, DAR Genealogy Preservation, DAR Project Patriot, DAR Tours, Insignia, Literacy Promotion, President General's Project, Special Projects Grants, Units Overseas, Volunteer Genealogists, Women's Issues.

Committees with State Recognition:  Kenmore, Preservation of Records, Press Book, State Regent's Project, Stratford Hall, Woodlawn, Yorktown Customhouse.

Committees with Chapter Recognition:  Audit, Bylaws and Standing Rules, DAR Library, Finance Committee, Flag Committee, Memorial & Grave Markings, Montpelier Chapter Scholarship, Montpelier Chapter Web Master, Program, Scrapbook, Yearbook, Website Development.